Previous Anthologies

There were two previous NaNo Los Angeles anthologies formerly published through Lemur Publishing. They can be found on Amazon at the links below.

believemenotBelieve Me Not, An Unreliable  Anthology

Forty-eight new and intriguing writers of all ages explored the concept of the Unreliable Narrator. Some–but not all–of the following questions get answered within this anthology:

Did Orion find love in the Everglades? Will a young lemur become the world’s greatest guilt monkey? What actually happened between Gretel and Hansel? What terrible secret is hiding at Graceline Industries? Can an android feel love? Who is the mysterious figure stalking a family through the Amazon? And what is going on with all these cuticles and why are they in space stations?

If you’d like to read this anthology, click here.


It’s About Time: 2nd Annual NaNo Los Angeles Short Story Anthology

In this anthology, writers ages fourteen to seventy-four set out to play with the idea of time within fiction. The result is thirty-eight fantastic, funny, exciting, scary, and moving stories—even if they are somewhat temporally challenged. For when you mess about with time, you are bound to make some mistakes—and there will be consequences.

If you’d like to read this anthology, click here.